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Acuity Financial Planning Ltd

Our Mission

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our vision  is being  constantly refocused to our mission  to empower people to lead  more fulfilling lives.

As  professional  financial advisers we have taken  care of  many hundreds of  clients who have  accumulated wealth over a lifetime, or maybe  inherited it,  and wanted it  managed  effectively to provide financial security for their futures. However, we have come to realize that our services were not fully addressing the fundamental question of the purpose behind this wealth. We began to recognize the need to delve deeper into understanding our clients' aspirations and goals. We sought to provide clarity on crucial aspects such as the intended utilization of their assets, the timing of their usage, and the sustainability of their financial well-being over the long term.Increasingly we found that this service was not addressing  the issue of the purpose for the money. What was it for ? When can it be used  ? Will it last? Last what? 

Our Story

From adviser to lifestyle financial planner

We historically  provided clients with comprehensive advice  on various financial products and services, leveraging our independent status. Our primary objective was to offer tailored recommendations from the entire spectrum of the financial market, ensuring that our clients received the most suitable solutions.

Over a decade ago, the financial industry experienced a significant regulatory transformation, resulting in the replacement of the  commission-based  system with a professional fee arrangement. Subsequently, with the addition of more regulation together with requirement for  more stringent qualifications , there was a notable decline in the number of regulated advisors. However, the traditional financial adviser or wealth manager still persists to this day but only services the minority of people who have accumulated considerable assets over a lifetime and are willing to pay a fee to have them managed in the belief they can expect  a return on their investment which exceeds the market. However, financial products have also undergone significant advancements, becoming more intricate and easily accessible, while competitive pressures have led to cost reductions. As a result, the market has effectively become commoditized.

In response to this transformation, the role of the Financial Planner has emerged. The Planner's contribution lies in adding value to the products offered, as the industry continuously strives to meet the escalating demands of consumers

Additionally, our implementation of cash flow management has further enhanced our ability to deliver valuable solutions to our clients. Our focus is squarely on providing financial solutions that are not only effective but also highly responsive to the unique needs and objectives of each client.

As part of our commitment to address the questions surrounding the purpose of wealth, the usability of assets, and their lasting impact, we have developed a proprietary system called Acuplan. This bespoke system combines the analysis of tangible and intangible assets, as well as a proposition development program, to comprehensively answer these critical questions. Through Acuplan, we aim to provide our clients with the clarity and confidence they seek in their financial endeavours

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering dedication to inspire fulfilment in the lives of our clients, guiding them through every step of their financial journey with expertise, innovation, and personalized solutions.


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