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  1. Taking stock of your  Tangible Assets 

Understanding your current  financial situation  is the first step to change. Knowing where you are now and what the future may look like is the starting point. It provides clarity and  will allow you to make informed decisions about your future. Fear comes from not knowing if your safety and security needs are being met both now and will be  in the future. 

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2. Planning with a reason in mind

  • Most of us don't know what we want  but we all know what we don't want!  And that is is to be worse off than we are right now and unable to lead  a fulfilling life  


  • Setting goals for ourselves may seem an onerous and somewhat pointless task, but without direction and a destination in mind, we wont get anywhere, or at least not where we were hope we will.

3. Remaining on course

We all have emotional responses towards investing money and the fear of losing it far outweighs the euphoria of gains.  Investment performance will be volatile at times, but the trick is to eliminate behavioural biases from financial decisions. This is where professional help is invaluable and having an understanding of what is actually necessary, in order to achieve long term goals, is key to staying on course. Regularly reviewing and evaluating both the performance and cost of your investment strategy, will keep the plan working for you over the long term.

4. and finally knowing when you have arrived.

- Life is not a dress rehearsal after all.

After a long career at work, it is often difficult to make a change, but knowing you have financial independence will give you the freedom to explore new horizons. Time seems to pass more quickly as you get older and good health is not guaranteed. Having the confidence that your capital will last your whole life and that you can maybe leave a legacy to your loved ones too, is liberating.

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